Artist Bio // Amberella is a Philadelphia and Los Angeles based mixed media and street artist. Most of her work is conceptual and often comments on popular culture, body image, social justices, mental health care, the importance of self care, or love and relationships. Her work is typically shared in public spaces. She draws inspiration from past and present personal life experiences. Her work, raw and vulnerable, seeks to touch on the viewer’s emotions and evoke feeling upon first glance.  Several bodies of her work seem to connect with others on a universal level. The vulnerability of her work and the connection it continues to form with others has led her into unimaginable opportunities. The joy and gratitude felt toward others she collaborates with and meets along her path is palpable. The outcome of the interactions viewers have with her work seem to always circle back to the idea that none of us are alone and we are all one.

Amber Lynn holds a BFA in Photography from the University of the Arts, where she has also taught. She has been showing her work in Philadelphia and beyond since 1999 and also other artists works at her prior gallery and boutique, Amberella. She was awarded Rad Girls Artist of the Year 2016. Some of her clients include, Dr. Martens, Lil Uzi Vert, Spiritual Gangster, Live Nation, and more.



Photograph 1: Scott Bell // Photograph 2: Maria Young //