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STOKED Walden Surfboards Collaboration for Moores Cancer Center at the Luau And Legends Of Surfing, La Jolla, CA

Beloved Souls, Power Heart Installation, Wooden Walls Project, Asbury Park, NJ

YOU ARE WORTH IT Power Heart Installation, Shop Sixty Five, Doylestown, PA

Mixed Media Power Heart Installations, The Fillmore and Foundry, LIVE NATION, Philadelphia PA

BREATHE, GROW, UR MAGIC, Power Heart Installation, Kelly Kozma’s Private Studio, PA

WITH YOU BESIDE ME Goth Heart Installation, Moonstone Preschool, Philadelphia PA

CONQUER Power Heart, Fundraiser, Philadelphia, PA

UR MAGIC Neon Goth Heart, Bloodmilk's Sphinx and Snakeskin, Philadelphia, PA

STAY, Goth Heart, The Shackamaxon Boutique Lodge, Philadelphia, PA

GET IT Pink Neon Power Heart, Location 215, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

I BELIEVE IN YOU, STAY Goth Heart Installation, Evil Genius Beer Garden, Philadelphia, PA

Little Italy Art Crawl Pop Up Shop, San Diego, CA 

GIVE LOVE GET LOVE Street Art Fabrication, Primark, King of Prussia, PA 

Venture Cafe Artist Panel, CIC Philly, Philadelphia , PA 

WITH YOU FOR YOU Living Beyond Breast Cancer Incentive T Shirt Design for Reach and Raise Fundraiser, Philadelphia, PA 

LOVE UR SMILE Installation, Delisi Dental, Philadelphia, PA 

LET GO, STAY AWHILE, GET WILD Goth Heart Installation, The Shore House, Wildwood, NJ 

STAY Goth Heart Installation, The Shackamaxon, Philadelphia, PA 

YOU ARE LOVED pink neon Power Heart, University City Art's League Auction Street Art Party, Philadelphia, PA

Philly Girl Made, Link Cities, Philadelphia, PA

Interior Installations, CIC Philadelphia, Philadelphia PA 

Power Wands, Artist Spotlight Project, Kith + Kin, Philadelphia PA

BE KIND Power Heart, Hi Sweetheart Gift Boutique, La Jolla, CA

WHO CHANGE THE WORLD, GIRLS!, Women's March, Los Angeles, CA

UR ALL U NEED, collaboration with Spiritual Gangster, Worldwide

Valentine's Day Pop Up, Sweet Box, Philadelphia, PA

Lovers & Others Market, Sphinx and Snakeskin, Philadelphia, PA

Valentine and Vinegar Art Show, The Convent, Philadelphia, PA

Find Love Manayunk, Street Heart Scavenger Hunt, Manayunk Philadelphia PA


GLOW Installation, Art At Mission, Mission Taqueria, Philadelphia, PA

Tiny Room For Elephants Group Show, Cherry Street Pier, Philadelphia, PA

LITTLE REBEL, Power Heart Installation, Betsy Ross House, Philadelphia, PA

Thunderyells BE KIND Ego vs Soul Collaboration, Philadelphia, PA

YOU ARE LOVED Focused Athletics, Imhotep Charter School, Philadelphia, PA

Honeygrow/Minigrow Test Kitchen, PICK ME UP Installation, Philadelphia, PA

Lulu Lemon, GROW, BREATHE, OWN IT Installation, Philadelphia, PA

Femme. Collective Summer Party, Philadelphia PA 

HEAR ME, Take a Knee Pad, Arch Enemy Art Gallery, Philadelphia PA 

BREATHE, GROW, OWN IT, Power Heart Installation, Lululemon, Philadelphia PA

BREATHE, LET GO, GET LOST, Surfboard, Artists 4 Puerto Rico, Worldwide

Trashcan Takeover, City Fitness and Rory Creative, Philadelphia PA 

Ladies Night, Photo Pop Philly, Philadelphia, PA

Wall Ball, Mural Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Dusk Rituals, Pennsylvania Bat Rescue, Philadelphia, PA

Bloodmilk Night Market, Tattooed Mom, Philadelphia, PA

48 Blocks, Atlantic City, NJ

Too Close To Home, Group Show, Pink Slime Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

U BLEW IT, KEEP GOING Bathroom Talk Installation, Lucky’s Last Chance, Philadelphia, PA

YOU ARE HOME, The Bridge Penthouse Installation, Coral Homes, Philadelphia, PA

ALL I EVER WANTED,  STAY, Custom Philly Homes, Philadelphia, PA

TIMES UP, CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP, Photo Pop Philly, Philadelphia, PA

CHOOSE LOVE Pride Month Campaign, Pizzeria Vetri, Philadelphia PA, D.C. 

Shock Exchange Matinee Market, Tattooed Mom, Philadelphia, PA

FORTUNATE HEARTS, We Rise, Los Angeles, CA

Artist Series Stir Fry Box, Honeygrow, Nationwide 

GROW Installation, It’s Always Green In Philly Earth Day Campaign, Philadelphia Urban Creators, Philadelphia, PA

NEVER AGAIN signs for School Walkout for gun control, Washington D.C. 

YOU ROCK Installation, School of Rock, Philadelphia, PA

YOU WILL BE OK Installation, Little Five Point Pizza, Atlanta, GA

YOU GOT THIS Installation, Fishtown Animal Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Honeygrow Pop Up Shop, Honeygrow Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA

Urban Outfitters Pop Up Shop, Space Ninety 8, Brooklyn NY

Urban Outfitters “LOVE YOU MEAN IT” Valentine’s Day Campaign, United States

YOU ARE POWERFUL // CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP signs for Women’s March, Washington, DC

Dr. Martens Customization Tour, Dr. Martens, Philadelphia, PA

KEEP GOING // YOU ROCK // BELIEVE IT Installation, School of Rock, Philadelphia, PA

YOU ARE PURRRFECT 4 ME // RESCUE ME Installation, Kawaii Kitty Café, Philadelphia, PA

Mac’n Macaroon Collaboration, Mac’n, Philadelphia, PA

ROCK Construction Power Heart office Installation, Philadelphia, PA


CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP Installation, Habit Nutrition, Oakland, CA

CHERISH ME // 4EVER Installation, Collaboration with Alloyious, Miami, FL

ALL I EVER WANTED Boyds Holiday Campaign and window installation, Boyds, Philadelphia, PA

KEEP GOING // BREATHE Photo Installation, Spring Arts 421 Building, Philadelphia, PA

YOU ARE HOME // ALL I EVER WANTED Installation, Philly Grub, Miami, FL

POWER HEART Installation, South Street Neighborhood Association, Philadelphia PA

CONQUER mural, Collaboration with Glossblack, Honeygrow Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA

WORTHY HEARTS Installation, Sexual Assault Prevention Week, Temple University, Philadelphia PA

CHERISH ME, YOU ARE HOME, 4EVER Installation, Tattooed Mom, Philadelphia PA

PLAY WITH ME Power and Goth Heart Installations, SPIN Restaurant and Bar, Philadelphia PA

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE LOVED Installation, Philly Unknown, Philadelphia PA

LICK ME // BITE ME Installation, Gunnar Montana's KINK HAUS, Fringe Arts, Philadelphia, PA

CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP Installation, Skate The Foundry, Philadelphia PA

Community Market for Makers and Shakers, NextFab, Philadelphia PA

ALL I EVER WANTED Installation, Love and Aesthetics, San Diego CA

GET LIT for Gucci Mane, The Electric Factory, Philadelphia PA

Bloodmilk Night Market, Tattooed Mom, Philadelphia PA

FIGHT 4 ME // FIGHT 4 US signs for Equality March, Washington D.C.

ALL I EVER WANTED // 4 EVER Installation, Buffalo Exchange, Philadelphia PA

Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, Trenton, NJ 

5 Year Anniversary Show, Arch Enemy Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Surprise Art Show, Pop-Up Public Art Exhibition, Saxbys, Philadelphia, PA

POWER HEART Installation, Quartyard Music Venue, San Diego, California 

CANT STOP WONT STOP Installation, Stateside Vodka, Philadelphia PA

Street Art and Gentrification, Children's DIY with Arts + Crafts Holdings, Philadelphia, PA

Power Heart Window Display, Bus Stop Boutique, Philadelphia, PA  

The Future is Female, Group Show, Westtown School, West Chester PA 

Impossible Standards, Ruckus Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Mi Corazón, A Valentine's Day Community Art Show, Eye's Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Pop Up Pizza Party Shop, Pizzeria Vetri, Philadelphia PA

Nasty Women Exhibition, Art Obscura Gallery, Las Cruces, NM

An Open Letter, Group Exhibit, Garrett Leight, New York, NY

Now We Conquer Power Heart Installation, Art Obscura Gallery, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Burlesque & Punk Against Trump, Group Show, The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA

CHOOSE LOVE, CANT STOP WONT STOP, Installation, Signs of Solidarity, Lapstone and Hammer, Philadelphia, PA

Now We Conquer Power Heart Installation, Etoile Boutique, Orlando, Florida

Collective Action, Group Show, Fundraiser, Philadelphia, PA


Bloodmilk Night Market, Tattooed Mom, Philadelphia, PA 

Winter Market Lululemon, Philadelphia, PA

Holiday Maker Fair presented by The Crafted Life, Philadelphia, PA

DRAINED Installation, Tiny Room For Elephants, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Goddamn, Group Show, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA 

DIY and Pop Up Shop, Urban Outfitters, King of Prussia, PA

Yes We Vote, Group Show & Street Art Sale, Tattooed Mom, Philadelphia, PA

Let’s Talk About It : Group Show, Galerie F, Chicago, IL

POWER HEARTS Installation, Honey Grow, Philadelphia, PA 

The Wall Installation, Kit and Ace, Philadelphia, PA

Truth to Power / Rock the Vote, International Group Show, Philadelphia, PA

Money Longer Music Video, Lil Uzi Vert, Atlanta, GA

UR LOVE IS GOLD Installation, Honey Grow, Philadelphia, PA

The Divine Lorraine Pop Up Shop, The Divine Lorraine, Philadelphia, PA

#StreetsDeptTurns5 Exhibit, Paradigm Gallery & Studio, Philadelphia,PA

InstaShow, Silicon Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


Next Stop Democracy! Signs of Change Show, Design Philadelphia, Impact Hub, Philadelphia, PA

My Heart is Free and I Drift Away, Installation, One Shot Coffee, Philadelphia, PA

Tramp Stamps : 3 Woman Show, Tataway, Philadelphia, PA


STREETS DEPT Show, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia, PA


Philebrity Photography Invitational Show, The Sky Box Gallery 2424 Studios, Philadelphia, PA 

Seriously, Stupididity, Shadows Space Gallery Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA 


Personal Works of Art by Amber Lynn | Solo Exhibition and Installation, One Shot Coffee, Philadelphia, PA


Ridin Creamy, Deck Headz, Exit Skate Shop, Philadelphia, PA

The Last People Group Show, The Last People Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Heart Broken, Bert Muffins, Philadelphia, PA

Oh You Dirty Doughnut, Smak Parlour, Philadelphia, PA


Tis The Season, Silicon Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Room #117, Untitled #1, One Shot Coffee, Philadelphia, PA

Naughty Lil Cupcake, Smak Parlour, Philadelphia, PA


Fabric Based Installation, Smak Parlour, Philadelphia, PA

Multi Media Installation, Deuce Restaurant and Bar, Philadelphia, PA


Chester County Art Association Juried All Media Show, CCAA, West Chester, PA

InLiquid Benefit Show, Philadelphia, PA


Express Access Only, Express Clothing Store, Philadelphia, PA

Photo 47 Senior Photography Thesis Show, Exhibit 231 Annex Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


My First Time, Gallery One, Philadelphia, PA

Analog/Digital: Photo-Based Work, Gallery Siano, Philadelphia, PA


The Female Gaze, The Sol Mednick Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


Chester County Art Association Juried Photo Show, CCAA, West Chester, PA


Rad Girls Artist of the Year Award

Ben Rose Nikon Award

W.W. Smith Scholarship Award

Award of Overall Excellence as an Artist presented by the CCAA